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Supply Chain Diagnostics

In today’s business environment, supply chains must be leveraged as key business driver towards realizing of the business objectives and not merely as a cost head. We know whether it is breaching new markets, new product launch, realizing higher revenue, lowering costs, improving margins, improved customer service/ responsiveness, supply chain efficiencies impact each one of these directly.

It is also an established fact that to be able to consistently ensure the competitive edge in an extremely competitive market, enterprises now look beyond stop-gap solutions. Integrated supply chain management is thus an important pre requisite for Corporates to realise their business objectives.

Revisiting existing Supply Chain network and practices for their relevance and effectiveness is thus the major focus for all Corporates. Supply Chain transformation however begins with Supply Chain Diagnostics - comprehensive, objective, quantitative, actionable – a thorough evaluation of the performance of the existing supply chain in the context of your stated business objectives.

At Athena SCL, our approach to supply chain diagnostics incorporates a full range of quantitative and qualitative metrics, which together provide not just insight, but an actionable roadmap from current state to desired future state. Our Consultants focus on gap analysis and Improving asset effectiveness, thereby enhancing Supply Chain Performance.

Our team does review the organization’s supply chain practices in the context of the best in class and industry trends to establish the potential for cost reduction, profit improvement and improved customer service as also develop innovative solutions to ensure enhancement of the Supply Chain. The Diagnostic initiative can address the Supply Chain comprehensively (End to End) or address individual links in the chain for improved efficiencies.

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