In today's environment, the pharmaceutical supply chain is driven by three critical aspects – globalization, product stewardship and cost containment. These create the need to ensure adept visibility, risk management, cost optimization, and reliability within the entire supply chain to drive profitability

There is aggressive competition from generic pharmaceutical manufacturers, as well as increasing costs to develop and launch new products—mandating improvements in supply chain and operations. At Athena SCL, we believe Supply chain will be the strategic differentiator for Pharmaceutical companies to excel in the face of adversity, and will ultimately helps these companies become world-class.

A pharmaceutical manufacturer faces some critical issues like

  • Transportation and Handling -Managing perishable products and degradation of the medicines as they move along the supply chain
  • Demand Forecasting -In case of an epidemic break-out, global demand for certain medicines overshoots the demand suddenly.Out of stock situations are unacceptable & patent lifespan is low
  • Lack of coordination – There are often so many links in the chain that the most resilient, adaptable and successful supply chains must be well coordinated. Controlling wide supply chain with huge Stock Keeping Units
  • Temperature control –Pharmaceutical products often need to be held at a constant temperature throughout its whole journey cycle to ensure usability for the patient. Cold chains need to be maintained during the entire supply chain process.

Athena SCL offers a powerful suite of services focused on helping pharmaceutical companies achieve mission-critical improvements in purchasing and their supply chains.

Our Solutions Include

  • Supply Chain Diagnostics - Process Improvement, Cost Optimization
  • Supply Chain Solutions
    1. Inventory Management
    2. Warehousing and Distribution
    3. Transportation Management
    4. Technology Solutions
  • Supply Chain Execution as 4PL

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