Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods

Customer demand and market trends are shifting faster than ever. The ability to predict market trends has traditionally been an important, although challenging, factor in the success of a consumer goods manufacturer. The consumer goods market is also challenged with intense competition, changing regulations and lean margins. Supply chain managers in this industry face the difficult task of managing store deliveries, inventory levels and supplier re-orders in a cost effective manner while ensuring timely delivery to the customer. To succeed in this demanding environment, companies must be agile and maintain control over the complex relationships that exist within supply chains and continually deliver innovative and high quality products.

Supply chains for consumer goods can be extremely complex. Suppliers, production plants, distribution centers and markets are usually located in multiple countries and regions. In some cases, raw materials are part of the chain and these can be affected by factory closures, strikes and other industrial factors. What’s more, brand loyalty to FMCGs like toiletries are particularly vulnerable to stock issues. Customers often switch to competitor products when their favorite brand isn’t on the supermarket shelf. That’s why FMCG companies need efficient, responsive and robust supply-chains.

Reducing Logistics Cost, load utilisation, shortening new product time to market, ensuring perfect order fulfilment, rapidly sensing and responding to customer demand are top concern for FMCG companies. Companies need to build sustainability into the supply chain.

Athena SCL can help FMCG companies to understand and develop Complete supply chain design, processes and best practises.

Our Solutions Include

  • Supply Chain Diagnostics - Process Improvement, Cost Optimization
  • Supply Chain Solutions
    1. Inventory Management
    2. Warehousing and Distribution
    3. Transportation Management
    4. Technology Solutions
  • Supply Chain Execution as 4PL

With our years of experience our consultants can help build efficient, flexible, cost-competitive and innovative supply chains.

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