Chemical Industry is complex in nature. Creating and successfully managing the supply chain for an organization involved in the chemical industry requires special consideration when it comes to safety and regulating the changes in demand of the product. The fact that the global demand for chemicals is volatile makes the task of deploying supply chains for such products challenging. The complexity of handling, storage, and transportation is compounded with the fragmentation of the industry and lack of domestic standards. Made up of several smaller industries including bulk, specialty and polymers, the chemicals sector covers hundreds of segments—to which supply chain and logistics are vital to chemicals companies’ success because they represent a high share of cost and are critical for service level and top-line results. The chemical industry's complex logistics needs, safety and security concerns, and regulatory issues make outsourced logistics, transportation, distribution, and warehouse services an important part of its supply chain.

Some of the challenges that a chemical Manufacturer needs to manage are:

  • Transportation - for companies transporting chemicals and hazardous materials (hazmats), this challenge is compounded by the need to comply with a myriad of mandates and regulations, both country-specific and international. A further obstacle for the chemical Industry is the relative uniqueness of their requirements for equipment configuration, container cleaning, and control of prior contents.
  • Requirement analysis: There are chemical booms, and then there are slumps, and a chemical Manufacturer needs to account for fluctuating market dynamics Creating a way to regulate the production of products based on emerging global demand patterns
  • Big data: When it comes to chemical companies, they have access to vast amounts of current, data generated from their lab tests and market analysis, and all of these data needs to be leveraged. Technology plays an important part in data evaluation .They need to have sufficient insight into the entire process to access materials
  • Ascertaining that the organization management has complete visibility into the plant, Supply/Distribution points, logistics, and corporate structure, thus help optimize resource scheduling.

We at Athena SCL, understand these challenges and our consultants combine deep functional expertise with practical experience from the frontlines to provide our clients with solutions that drive real impact and results.

Our Solutions Include

  • Supply Chain Diagnostics - Process Improvement, Cost Optimization
  • Supply Chain Solutions
    1. Inventory Management
    2. Warehousing and Distribution
    3. Transportation Management
    4. Technology Solutions
  • Supply Chain Execution as 4PL

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