Optimizing You Transportation Network

Transportation is usually the largest cost in a company’s logistics budget and is  a significant driver of the total supply chain costs for businesses. In supply chains that have grown over time, sub processes usually are not aligned with various functions. The lack of alignment across processes causes high transportation costs and transactional costs. Managing these costs has become increasingly complex because of radical changes within the transportation industry.Whether you run your own transport network or subcontract to a third party the efficiency of the transport network delivering your products significantly affects the bottom line and service levels. Read More “Optimizing You Transportation Network”

What is Supply Chain Network Optimization?

Supply chain management has become one of the most important focus areas in today’s demand drive world. It encompasses planning and management of all activities involved in sourcing, production, warehousing and distribution of products.. It is easy to underestimate the complexity of global supply chains. Yet the growth of global markets, increasing customer expectations, rising costs, and more intense and diverse competitive pressures are driving the development of new supply chain strategies and intricate network designs. Many companies enjoy significant business gain in lieu of unique ways in which they have designed their supply chain and how they react towards changes in the internal and external environment. Read More “What is Supply Chain Network Optimization?”